Freedom From Sexual 
and Emotional Trauma 

Freedom From Childhood Sexual and Emotional Trauma

Free Yourself from Sexual Predators and Regain Your Authentic Self Through Your Soul's Personal Power

For the first time, Debra shares her courageous personal journey of childhood sexual and emotional trauma, the feelings of abandonment, and the effects it had on her life. Debra’s travels to India, China and Nepal, took her deep within her spiritual discoveries into the deep ancient practices and teachings of meditation.

This astounding best-seller looks at what is happening in today's Sexual Culture and takes a very “Real” and deep look into the polarities of Light and embracing the Darker side of life, to become Whole from separation.  

Debra shares her true life experiences of falling into a sex cult at age 18 and digs deep into the exploration of her personal journey including -  Sexual Cults, “Masters,'' Gaslighting, Red Flags, Emotional Blackmail and Self Sabotage.  Through her personal recovery, Debra hopes to help others heal and discover their “Authentic Self" through her book and best selling programs.
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Expert Endorsements

Michel Pascal

 Meditation Teacher, Singer & Photographer
"In a few short years, I saw Debra changing at 360% and becoming who she is today, an example, an inspiration, a precious teacher for each of us with a profound humility and kindness. Debra’s book is her life’s journey and is so important for millions in this situation."

Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes

Spiritual Leader  at First Unity Spiritual Campus, St. Petersburg, FL
"Debra Nardi is a 'shape shifter' and an alchemist in her ministry. Her vulnerable, honest, and courageous ministry against sexual and emotional abuse is extremely timely and must be told and awakened."

Joan Bennett

Psychiatric Nurse and Holistic Health Consultant
"Debra’s courageous willingness to go to any length to share her 'roller coaster' story in the hopes that it might help other victims of sexual abuse heal, I believe is a courageous gift to those still held in captivity within codependent and abusive relationships."
The Story...
Coming from a childhood experience of sexual trauma, and emotional abandonment, Debra describes her life long journey of transformation. In this book, you will be educated on watching for the” Red Flags” in advance, and that “it is possible'' to have a complete shift from PTSD, anxiety and childhood trauma which shaped her life into adulthood. 

Transformation is possible. You can let go of the person you used to be into total “Freedom” from past experiences and awaken into your true authentic self through Spiritual Transformation. This book is a “Sexual Trauma Bible'' for anyone who needs to be educated on the depths of sexual trauma which is ongoing today. This needs to Stop.
Debra Nardi
Author & Speaker
Debra Nardi, is a first time author, and has been a non-denominational wedding minister since 1990. For 35 years, Debra developed a Destination Wedding program for Carnival Cruise Lines in the US Virgin Islands.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, she studied Fashion at the Institute of Technology in NYC, moved to the Caribbean in 1990 and now, 45 years later, lives in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Debra Nardi
What’s in it For You? 
  • ​Free yourself from past sexual or emotional trauma
  • ​Learn to live your best life
  • ​Judge success in your life by the fulfillment of your relationships, happiness, etc.
  • ​Eliminate roadblocks to reaching milestones with money, relationships, success
  • ​Increase your confidence and self worth
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